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81w X 93.3d X 89h – 47h Seat (31.9w X 73.6d Sleeper) 15-Mel-202189-01-0

Relax and unwind your way with the ever chic and always accommodating Mello Pull Out Chair. This bubbly convertible chair features a contemporary profile with a boxy base, aesthetically pleasing angles, and bubbly button tufting. Made for mellowing out, this oversized seat sits atop a pull out base that houses a cozy sleeper mattress, transforming any space into an instant guest bedroom by effortlessly pulling the bed out from its secret compartment. Kicking back is encouraged with an adjustable reclining back that knows all the right angles for optimized movie night viewing or curling up with a good book. With conveniently space-savvy features, an array of attractive color options to choose from, and style that’s as trendy as it is versatile, you’ll be tempted to get one for every room.

Comfort and convenience delivered

Welcome to a whole new era of accent chairs, one that’s centered around so much more than sitting. Delivered straight to your doorstep in a convenient box chock full of functionality and personality, Pull Out Chair In A Box is the frontier of this new era. This modern convertible chair features a bubbly seat crafted with button-tufting and tailored piping, all supported by a sleek, boxy base. Its adjustable seat is made for personalized lounging and knows all the right angles to promote total relaxation and comfort. Sit up straight or recline back as far as you want with the chair’s easy-glide mechanism. Pull the seatback forward then backward, listening for the clicks and stopping when you’re satisfied. For spontaneous midday naps and catering to overnight guests, this boxed beauty is hiding another impressive function. Transform this seat into a sleeper by reclining its back flat against the base and effortlessly pulling out the bottom section of the bed from its clever hiding spot beneath the seat. Simply pull out the front of the base like a drawer and lift the bed out with one smooth and effortless motion. Pick your position, sit back, and unwind your way.

Perfect proportions for every home

Versatility is the name of the game, and this chair is winning. From the playroom to the master suite, Pull Out Chair In A Box is a perfect fit for every room and every home. Make the most out of your space with this adjustable chair, featuring a particularly boxy profile that can be nestled into nearly any corner and a range of comfortable seating and sleeping options built right in. This charming chair lets you maximize smaller spaces with a built-in bed always at hand or complement larger rooms with an oversized seat that encourages snuggling up. Create the perfect spot for the occasional lunch break snooze in your home office, for the kids to transition from playtime to naptime, or for guests to feel welcome and stay the night. Wherever you place this piece, you can pick your position with a reclining back that offers even more customized seating, whether you’re a sit straight up kind of person or one who likes to lay back. It’s time to pull up a seat and pull out endless possibilities with this ever-flexible convertible chair.

Flip the script on shipping

We like to think of shipping as something that promotes happiness, not stress. So, we rewrote the script on shipping to get you excited about the entire process, from start to delivery. We ditched the idea of awkwardly shaped, oversized packaging that always felt impossible to maneuver and leaned into simplified dimensions that anyone can manage.  Pull Out Chair In A Box gets delivered in a perfectly proportioned box that makes for easy handling, no matter who’s holding it or what type of doorway it needs to fit through. Once your chair gets delivered, you’ll be able to unpack and assemble it like a pro in just a few short minutes, so you can get straight to settling in and unwinding in your new favorite spot. Every piece you’ll need for a smooth and satisfying assembly is contained right there in the box, including hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. From breezy ordering to quick and painless shipping to unpacking and assembling your chair in a matter of minutes, we’ve got this process down pat, so you don’t have to fumble through figuring things out on your own.

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